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LVDT Applications

LVDTs are used in a wide variety of applications. Several of the more common methods of use have been documented in detailed articles. These articles have been converted to PDF format and are listed below for your review.

Note: if you have difficulties opening a PDF file, please right click over the link, "save target as" to a location in your PC, then open the file from there. Thank you!

Crankshaft Balancer  (40 kbytes)

Low-cost LVDT, with refined signal conditioning, resolves to a millionth of an inch for this automotive crankshaft balancer.
Series 280

Testing Soil Strength  (13 kbytes)

DCDT measures soil sample deformation under load to determine soil strength.
Series 240

Pill Making Machine  (15 kbytes)

In making tablets from medicinal powder, dual LVDTs control pill weight & thickness.
Series 210

"Brain Probing" Medical Device  (18 kbytes)

Special AC LVDT is critical part of this medical instrument that assists with brain surgery.
Series 230

Replacing the "Fastar"  (31 kbytes)

Our AC LVDTs could be a fitting replacement for the "Fastar" variable inductor device.
Series 210

Product Inspection Machine  (14 kbytes)

Using our small-package LVDTs, these machines check the final dimensions on flat-panel displays.
Series 230

Automation Assembly Equipment  (33 kbytes)

These assembly systems increase production efficiencies and use our LVDTs for automated part inspection.
Series 230

Force Generation System  (26 kbytes)

Providing direct feedback of a piston, our DCDT helps to control static position and dynamic excitation in a system that tests automotive suspension structures.
Series 240

Portable Friction Welder  (98 kbytes)

Friction welds are produced by spinning one metal object at very high RPM against another while simultaneously moving the two pieces closer together; an LVDT measures the distance between the approaching metals.
Series 230

Robotic Cleaner  (133 kbytes)

A hydraulic oil compatible LVDT is used to continuously monitor fluid level as part of leak detection system.
Series 240

Borehole Extensometer  (125 kbytes)

Borehole depth measurement is simplified using a DC LVDT in a robust extensometer design.
Series 240

Octane Analyzer  (131 kbytes)

An LVDT provides displacement feedback of an air cylinder on a Waukesha engine; this is done to measure engine knock and determine octane ratings for different fuel mixtures.
Series 210

Bottle Height Inspection  (147 kbytes)

Height measurement during a bottle assembly process is critical in assuring uniform product; an LVDT replaces limit switches for higher resolution on bottle inspection machinery.
Series 240

Scanning Laser Tomography  (125 kbytes)

Who doesn't get jittery waiting for that puff of air in a glaucoma test??? A relatively new laser scanning system, that uses an LVDT for precise optic positioning,  eliminates the air rush altogether.
Series 240

Automotive Suspension System   (144 kBytes)

The low cost and ruggedness of an AC LVDT is ideal for a revolutionary type of active control suspension system for large trucks and buses.
Series 280

Dollar Bill Thickness in ATM Machines  (134 kbytes)

High precision and repeatability are essential in detecting the number of bills dispensed by an ATM.
Series 230

Robotic Manipulator  (149 kbytes)

Joystick control is enhanced by DC LVDTs used in 3 axes for heavy equipment robotics.
Series 240

Specific Gravity Sensor  (133 kbytes)

Fluids used in the PC board wave soldering industry must be monitored by their specific gravity; this is done by linking an LVDT to the mechanical float assembly of a S/G probe.
Series 240

Weighing Systems  (125 kbytes)

Load cells and other types of weighing equipment, such as checkweighing systems, can benefit from the infinite resolution and high accuracy of an LVDT.
General Purpose

Servo Valve Positioning  (128 kbytes)

LVDTs can be used to measure spool position in a wide range of servo valve applications. Typically, the units are positioned over an isolation tube, isolated from the pressurized environment.
General Purpose

Hydraulic Cylinder Displacement  (126 kbytes)

LVDTs are used extensively to provide displacement feedback for hydraulic cylinders. Several mounting configurations, both internal and external, are discussed.
General Purpose 

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